Frequently Asked Questions

This project has been conceived as a 16.7 hectare serviced plots estate with close proximity to Beechwood Central and Adiva Plainfields Estate.

Mixta Nigeria is a part of the ARM Group.

The Estate is a 5 minute drive from the Lakowe Lakes Golf Estate (off Km 35, along the Lekki Epe Expressway).

We have 2 and 3 bedroom bungalows available under the Mixta Flex scheme. All home will be delivered as Move-in ready finish (please refer to the finish specification).

National Housing Fund (NHF) is a Federal Government scheme, which entitles all Nigerians above the age of 18 years in paid employment to a low interest, government funded loan. Members of the scheme contribute 2.5% of their monthly salary to the fund, for a period not less than six (6) months. The maximum amount obtainable under the NHF is N15 million. The borrowed capital is repayable at the rate of 6% interest, over a maximum of 30 years (depending on factors such as your age, earnings etc.).

You can only apply for your loan as an individual, through a duly licensed and accredited Primary Mortgage Institution (PMI). Mixta have partnered with a selected PMI’s to help facilitate the loan application for NHF and will make a reasonable effort to obtain financing for the purchase your unit. The provision of this assistance shall be without any form of responsibility on the part of Mixta. Please be advised that Mixta in no way holds out itself as financier, fund arranger or agent.

A contributor can only obtain the NHF loan facility once in a lifetime.

Mixta Flex is a payment option geared towards home ownership. It offers a convenient payment process which allows you put down a minimal deposit, pay monthly instalments, and then subsequently utilise NHF loans as full payment for the allocated unit.
Standard payment plans of 12 and 24 months are available via Mixta Flex. You can subscribe to the scheme by making the initial deposit, once you have completed your equity contribution the NHF loan kicks in. Repayments for the NHF loan are made directly to the PMI.

The Estate is a 5 minute drive from the Lakowe Lakes Golf Estate (off Km 35, along the Lekki Epe Expressway).

The following infrastructure will be provided at the estate:
1. Paved access road.
2. Water supply.
3. Storm waste management.
4. Perimeter fence and gate.
5. Landscaping.
6. Electricity.

You may make modifications to the interior of your own bungalow, and modifications which do not affect the structure of the unit (this will be determined by the developer).

The unit exteriors will be maintained and fixed by the homeowner.

This is a gated estate and will offer a secure perimeter, access control and 24 hour estate security services.

The perimeter fence will be completed when the homes are handed over.

Yes, there will be a service charge to pay for the security, maintenance of public infrastructure and recreational facilities. A service charge deposit is payable with your last instalment payment. The final service charge amount will be communicated to homeowners prior to handover of the Estate.

Your home will be delivered within 6 months from disbursement of you NHF loan.

Allocations are offered upon payment of you initial deposit. However if you fail to keep up with your installment payments, you risk losing you preferred allocation.

You will get a Deed of Assignment, however this may be withheld by your Primary Mortgage Bank (PMI) until you complete payment of your NHF loan.

The estate is on privately owned land.

Subscribers can only withdraw from the project, if another buyer is taking up their subscription and will be charged an administrative fee of 10% of the property price on exiting the scheme. Please refer to the application form and contract of sale for full terms and conditions.

Subscribers can only move into their units or rent them out upon handover of the property.